5 of the best ways to find your lost pet

Losing a beloved pet is one of the hardest things that pet owners have to go through. Until you are reunited with your loved one it can seem as if you are powerless.
Fortunately, there are several things you can do that will increase your chances of being reunited with your lost dog or cat. Listed below are five of the best ways to find a lost pet.
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1 – Hang up posters

This tried and test method really works. Keep your posters simple;
Include a clear color photo of your pet and hang this poster on telephone poles, local community noticeboards and ask local vets and pet shops if they have a noticeboard where you can hang them.
You can also post lost pet ads on Craigslist, on Pets911.org, and in the ‘Lost and Found’ section of local newspapers. You can even create larger versions of these posters and hang them on placards outside your home.
Getting the word out is one of the best ways to find lost pets and posters such as these have been reuniting lost pets with their owners for decades.
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2 – Contact all animal shelters in your area

From local veterinary hospitals to pet shops, animal shelters, rescue groups and animal control agencies, make sure you contact all of these organisations in your local area. Take posters with you and hand them out to staff so that they can inform others about your lost pet.
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3 – Search your neighborhood regularly

Search all of the areas that you take your dog on a regular basis such as your local park and the homes of friends and family. Take photos of your pet with you to show passers-by and carry a notepad and pen so that you can write down your contact details to give to these people. You should also take a bag of your dog’s favorite treats and their favorite squeaky toy as they will be attracted to the sound if they are nearby.
You should also leave some of these treats, a bowl of water and an unwashed piece of your clothing with your scent on it at your property. Ask a friend or family member to stay at home whilst you are out searching. If your pet is nearby then they will be attracted to these items and your friend or family member will be there to keep them safe.
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4 – Change your voicemail

If someone has a lead on your lost pet then you need them to be able to notify you as soon as possible. Prevent miscommunication by changing your voicemail into a clear and easy to follow message. An ideal example is;
"Hi, if you have any information about my missing [pet/cat/dog], I need to speak with you. Please leave your name and number and repeat them. You can also contact me via my email address which is [insert email address]. You can also reach [insert name of a trusted friend or family member] at [insert their phone number]. If I don’t call you back, it means that I couldn’t hear your number clearly so please try me again. Thank you for your time!".
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5 – Use social media

Make a digital copy of your lost pet poster and promote it via social media every few hours. Use Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and any other social networking channels you have to raise awareness.
You should also ask your friends to retweet these posts to all of their followers to broaden their coverage. In today’s modern society people may be more likely to spot your lost pet poster online than in person and they will be able to instantly message you if they spot your pet or have any news.
Fortunately, studies have shown that 93% of dogs and 75% of cats reported lost were returned safely to their homes. These methods will help you to find your pet once they are lost but prevention is always the best method. Have your pet micro-chipped and attach a pet tracker to their collar so that you can monitor their movements and quickly find them before they have a chance to wander too far away.

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