The Benefits of Natural Beauty Remedies

Many artificially manufactured beauty products will promise you smoother, nourished, healthier looking skin and hair in an instant. However, many of these products can leave you with irritated skin and damaged hair in the long run. To help you protect your hair and skin now and in the years to come, we have created the following article on the benefits of choosing natural beauty remedies.

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Better for your skin

Did you know that drying agents are added to many common beauty products such as moisturizers, shampoo and lip balm? These types of artificial chemicals, preservatives and fillers are added to many mainstream hair and skincare products in order to make them smell nicer and last longer. However, these harmful and toxic substances can cause redness, irritation and trigger breakouts.

This is where natural beauty remedies are essential. By being sourced from plants, fruits and nuts such as olives, avocados, seaweed and coconut, these organic ingredients naturally nourish dry skin and repair damaged hair without any of the harmful side effects of artificially manufactured substances. As a result, if you have allergies or are in any way prone to breakouts, rashes and irritation, then natural beauty remedies will enrich and replenish your skin’s natural reserves rather than triggering adverse reactions.

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More appealing fragrances

When you wander into any health and beauty store you are usually bombarded by a wealth of different aromas. Although many of these fragrances are appealing, over time they can cause headaches and even dizziness. This is due to the fact that artificial fragrances are added to many hair and beauty products in order to cover up the smell of other artificial chemicals and preservatives.

On the other hand, when you buy natural beauty products all you are smelling is the natural scent of the ingredients included. Your papaya soap is simply made from papaya essential oil. When you smell your shea butter body lotion all you smell is real shea butter and nothing else. These natural scents are more pleasing to the body, less likely to trigger allergies, and within a few weeks of smelling these natural scents you’ll never want to turn back!

Less side effects

How many different beauty products do you reckon you use on a weekly basis? 10? 20? More? From shampoo to foot cream, our bodies are cleansed, toned, exfoliated and moisturized with all manner of products whose formulas can seep into our bodies. Our bodies are engineered to react to foreign agents which is what causes most allergic reactions and breakouts. Fortunately, by using natural beauty products that your body will recognize you are far less likely to suffer from these painful and unsightly side effects.

What’s more, many experts have warned that common artificial ingredients such as parabens could be doing long term damage to our bodies; in particular our endocrine systems which regulate our hormones. Although the long-term side effects of using parabens is not yet known, why take the risk? Switching to natural beauty remedies will ensure you look beautiful and that your hair and skin remains healthy, enriched and toxin-free.

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Long term benefits

Although many conventional beauty products promise to ‘reduce fine lines and wrinkles’, ‘stop aging’ and leave your skin looker ‘fresher and plumper’, many of these products are merely temporary solutions. Most worryingly is the fact that using these artificial fillers, plumping agents and serums on a regular basis can do extensive damage to your skin; leaving you looking worse in the long run!

Fortunately, naturally sourced beauty products do not contain any of these harmful skin irritants. Although they may not have the instant effects of artificial products, naturally beauty remedies will nourish your hair and skin which will ensure it remains healthier, smoother and stronger in the long term. Which would you prefer?

Nutrient rich

At Natural Green Secrets we strongly believe that if you can’t eat something then you shouldn’t put it on your skin or hair. After all, when applied topically any ingredient can seep into your skin; disrupting your body’s natural processes and triggering reactions.

This is why natural beauty remedies are so great. Organically sourced from plants, fruits and nuts, these remedies are rich in the essential nutrients and minerals that your body needs to thrive. For example, shea and cocoa butters are ideal moisturisers because they contain essential fatty acids which nourish your skin and prevent the onset of cracks and wrinkles. Similarly, fruits and seeds such as blueberries and pomegranates are full of antioxidants which promote your body’s natural production of collagen – thus leaving your skin looking smoother and feeling firmer for many years to come.

For these reasons, all-natural, organically sourced, beauty products are far more efficient than their artificial counterparts; supporting your body’s natural healing processes and equipping you with the nutrients you need to enhance your hair and skin’s overall condition in the long run.



As well as benefitting your body and mind, investing in natural beauty remedies can also help preserve the environment. This is due to the fact that natural beauty products are organically sourced in a sustainable manner which does not negatively impact the eco-system by draining its resources. On the other hand, conventionally produced chemical beauty products can have a negative environmental impact; contaminating the air we breathe, the water we consume and destroying natural resources inhabited by precious flora and fauna.

In fact, most conventional beauty products contain petroleum and aluminium-based ingredients which require extensive mining in some of the world’s most awe-inspiring areas such as the Amazon rainforest. Do your part in preserving these natural nirvanas for future generations by switching to natural, sustainably sourced beauty products.


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