Pet Paw Print Imprint Kit
Pet Paw Print Imprint Kit
Pet Paw Print Imprint Kit
Pet Paw Print Imprint Kit
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Pet Paw Print Imprint Kit

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Beloved family members deserve a spot on your mantle piece.

So where is your pet's photo?

Preserve your furry friend's paw print for eternity with this Pet Paw Print Imprint Kit. The frame itself is made from solid wood so it will look at home on any mantle piece or surface.

Create a cherished memory that will last for many years to come. 

Simply place your dog or cat's paw into the mold. Hold in place for a few seconds (or however long your pet will stay still) and you're done! All that's left to do is insert your favorite picture of your pet into the frame and give it pride of place in your home.

To ensure we only source high quality products we always order our stock direct from the manufacturer. As such, please allow 15-30 days for delivery. Thank you for understanding.


Material : Solid wood (frame), Clay (paw print mold)

Size : 8*12*0.8 inches (picture and paw print frame) 8*6.1 inches (each frame)

Weight : 1000g


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