RFID Blocking Credit Card Holder
RFID Blocking Credit Card Holder
RFID Blocking Credit Card Holder
RFID Blocking Credit Card Holder
RFID Blocking Credit Card Holder
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RFID Blocking Credit Card Holder

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Did you know that your contactless cards can be scanned even if they are still in your wallet or purse?

This is brilliant news for criminals who have begun to use RFID scanners to steal people's card details. They don't even have to pickpocket or mug you anymore to get your money

It's become so bad that The Telegraph revealed contactless card fraud has overtaken check scams for the first time. The Chief Cashier of the Bank of England, Victoria Cleland, refuses to use contactless cards claiming they are not secure.

But hold on, that's not the end of it.

Even if you aren't targeted by criminals, you can still suffer the sting of wrongful contactless card scanning.

In fact, there have been countless cases where people have intended to pay using one card but the shop's scanner picks up the chip from another one.

If any of your cards are in range of any scanner - you can be charged. It is easier to lose money with contactless cards than having paper notes taken out of your tightly bound (and even more tightly guarded) wallet.

This credit card holder completely blocks RFID scanning devices. "They shall not pass!".

The holder is light, compact, waterproof and is fitted with a click button for easy opening and closing. Your cards are very secure with little fuss. After all, the best solutions are usually the simplest.

Pick a stylish glossy finish of your choice - Purple, Pink, Red, Silver or Black.


  • Colors : Purple/Pink/Red/Silver/Black
  • Measurements : 10.9*7.4*1.9cm
  • Materials : Aluminum Metal (exterior), ABS Plastic (interior), PVC Plastic (card dividers)
  • Blocks RFID scanning of your cards
  • Waterproof design
  • Seven expandable pockets
  • Click button for easy opening and closing

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